What do you do when a prospect says “No”?

This week our QNET Bloggers share their take on the very interesting and pertinent topic of ‘Objection Handling’: How to deal with prospects who raise objections? How can you win them over?

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Rohit Chourasia is a first time QNET Blogger and handles an objection by simply turning it into a conversation of simple reason and logic by laying out the clear benefits of the QNET business opportunity. Read his insightful post entitled Objection Handling: The Power of Words.

Pooja Shahani is of the opinion that objection handling is the simplest part of the business if you have complete knowledge of the company, the business opportunity and the products  then your confidence speaks for itself and can win a prospect over! Read her interesting post entitled Objection Handling – Simplest Part Of Business.

Shoumik De writes in his post entitled The Art of Objection Handling that any objection can be overcome by the conviction and confidence of the QNET business opportunity and its power to change lives for the better, and conveying that to your prospect.

Israa Garatli, through her experiences, learned that objections and rejections should never be taken personally but should be handled rather gracefully in three simple steps. Find out what those steps are in her post entitled Objection Handling.

What about you? What’s your secret to handling objection? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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