On 9 November in Jakarta V Leader Popi Rindorindo and her charming team from Paradise Quest Club organized a talk show on Physio Radiance. At the event VP Rose Marie Glenn — who is also the Physio Radiance Brand Ambassador — shared her life stories and valuable experiences with Physio Radiance. She was particularly outstanding while explaining both product and business opportunities. It was an elegant and delightful event with V leaders Popi and Ombun directing the talk show in a cheerful and intimate atmosphere.

Questions and queries from the audience were handled gracefully by VP Rose Marie and Dr Henny (dermatologist). The audience was impressed by the unique formulation of Physio Radiance especially about the negative hydrogen (H-), the smallest antioxidant in the world, and that the formula also utilizes energized water from the revolutionary harmonized Amezcua Energy Shell! No wonder that during the product testing many curious ladies in the audience rushed to the stage to try Physio Radiance!

Also present at the event from QNET Indonesia office were Wita Dahlan, Corporate Communications Manager and Chandra Firdauzi, Head of Operations.

Overall it was a very successful afternoon!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates…Physio Radiance might land in your town next!