QNET’s Turkish Franchise, QNET Promosyon, enters a new phase as it publishes the first issue of aspIRe Turkey. This localised version of QNET’s popular magazine has combined the best of both worlds: QNET’s global approach and established corporate publication and QNET Promosyon’s tailored approach to the local market.

While creating the first issue of the magazine, the QNET Promosyon editorial team focused on the QInfinite compensation plan, and the ins and outs of the QNET Promosyon business model, Rank Advancement criteria and rewards. The magazine also showcases exclusive products to QNET Promosyon that are quickly becoming bestsellers in this market. Brille, the toothpaste exclusively sold by QNET Promosyon in Turkey, is the first Turkish made QNET product that we are so excited about. Meanwhile, Q-breaks offers Turkey-exclusive packages that takes travellers to the most beautiful places in this amazing country. And did you know that QVI Club has a Home Resort in Turkey? Check it out now!

What makes QNET Promosyon’s market so amazing? Like in any other country or local company, it’s you, our IRs! aspIRe Turkey features QNET Promosyon’s network events, IRs’ testimonials and other fun and useful information!

QNET’s worldwide team congratulates our Turkish colleagues on the first issue of the magazine. Although the majority of us don’t read Turkish, we are already looking forward to the next issue!

QNET Promosyon IRs can purchase aspIRe Turkey in their Repeat eStore. Have you read it already? Tell us what you think!