Only a few days left before the ULTIMATE F2 Super Bonanza ends!

It’s time to dedicate all your efforts for the finish line!

And to give you an extra dose of motivation, meet one of the F2 Super Bonanza Early Bird Special Top Achievers – Lakshmikanth Kodali – from the Infiniti Team!

Lakshmikanth Kodali’s hard work and passion has paid off! After the F2 Super Bonanza kicked off this year, he worked closely with his team and leaders to make the most of this amazing incentive, especially during the Early Bird Special, to become one of the top achievers of the Early Bird Special!

Check out Lakshmikanth’s secret to F2 SUPER BONANZA SUCCESS:
“Continue to do what I do, and be sincere and genuine about my work and people that I attend to”.

Thank you Lakshmikanth for inspiring us!

So what are you waiting for?

Success can be yours too! There is no time to waste! Work hard and race to the finish line TODAY!