QNET’s CSR arm the RYTHM Foundation strongly believes that education weaves the rope that will pull children through abject poverty, struggle, and give them the foundation to become caring, responsible and self-reliant citizens of the world. For this reason, the foundation established ‘Education’ as one of the pillars on which its projects and initiatives are centered.

Through the years, the RYTHM Foundation has partnered with a number of reputable institutions in providing children with access to better education. Just recently, QNET through RYTHM Foundation embarked on a joint venture with the Avalokitesvara Trust in India to support the trust’s project of building libraries in fifteen rural schools in the Ladakh region of the country, which lacks facilities for educational support.

Pupils in these beneficiary schools do not have an adequate access to reading materials. With the installation of the libraries, the children will be provided with new, informative learning materials giving them access to the most precious gift of all — education.  The project will also focus on conducting learning modules like drama workshops, medical camps, and empowering Ladakhi teachers. The libraries will be called ‘RYTHM Libraries’ as a tribute to QNET’s corporate philosophy Raise Yourself To Help Mankind.

The story of this altruistic partnership was covered by the media and the news articles in The Hill Post covered QNET India’s explanation of the rationale behind QNET’s support for the project, “A key pillar of the RYTHM Foundation is education. There are a number of initiatives all over the country to promote education and learning, but very little reaches the remote areas of Ladakh.”

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