Since the Business English Course launched in the Repeat eStore, it has become very popular with our QNET IRs due to the value this course provides! With English as the standard language of business communication around the world, the Business English course is truly valuable for business owners – such as you – operating in an international environment!

Swiss eLearning Institute introduces new Business English Course combos with cheaper prices and the chances to earn more RSP!

  • Three levels combo (Business English Level 1-3, Business English Level 4-6, Business English Level 7-9, Business English Level 10-12) 
  • Six levels combo (Business English Level 1-6, Business English Level 7-12)
  • Complete 12 level (Business English Level 1-12)

This is your chance to enhance your English skills and use them to widen your network!

The incredible Business English course seek to build a true foundation from which you can expand your communication skills in English, with a specific focus on language used to get ahead in business situations.

What are you waiting for? Take your business to the next level! It’s all available in your eStore!

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