This week our QNET Bloggers discuss a topic very close to their hearts: Why QNET?

Taking us back to the day they made the decision to make their dreams come true, read on to see us why they chose Network Marketing as a profession and why they chose QNET.

RANVIR, a first-time QNET Blogger, writes an insightful account of his journey from the Indian Armed Forces to the Network Marketing business. He also lists his reasons for staying on in the business and why QNET was the perfect choice for him in his post entitled Why Network Marketing, And Why QNET???

ROHIT CHOURASIA has just completed his second year with QNET and describes these last two years as a ‘journey of success inspired by failures’. In his post entitled The Journey So far, he cites V-Managing Partner Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran as one of the reasons why he chose QNET, describing him as “a man that can’t be replaced, available exclusively through QNET!

ISRAA GARATLI’s blog post entitled Why Network Marketing and Why QNET is about how QNET changed the way she looks at herself, the world and life in general.  She sums up her QNET journey by writing “I want to enjoy my life, travel the world, buy anything I want and witness others do the same.

SHOUMIK DE’s post entitled The realization… that started it all… zeroes in on the benefits of the network marketing industry and on the financial security he achieved for himself, his parents and his family with QNET. He proudly declares QNET as the Ferrari of network marketing companies!

ZOBO NAKI BERNARD, nicknamed ANGE, lives in Ivory Coast and is our first French speaking blogger! In his debut post Ange elaborates on his Top 10 reasons for joining QNET! If you read French, check out his entry titled Mon Choix De L’industrie Du Marketing De Réseau Et 10 Raisons De Travailler Avec Qnet.  Click here for Google Translate to read the English translation!

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