Learn how the QNET LifeSite can help you grow your business from your fellow IRs! There’s no better way to discover how this amazing online tool can help you gain more prospects and make sales!

This week let’s meet

….QNET IR Hossam Elfar from Egypt!

How did you learn about the QNET LifeSite?
I learned about it from the announcements and information I saw on the QNET website, my Virtual Office Announcements section, and the QNET Blog.

How do you get started with QNET LifeSite?

I registered my details to the QNET LifeSite including my personal data, contact details, a professional photo, and some personal photos.

How do you promote your unique URL?

I placed my unique QNET LifeSite URL on my business card and encouraged my friends and family members overseas to check it out whenever they asked me about my new exciting business.

How did you complete a sale using QNET LifeSite?
A friend was looking for a way to have a healthier body and lifestyle, so I recommended to him to check out the InShape Toning Belt on my QNET LifeSite; he really liked it and made an online purchase!

What do you like most about QNET LifeSite?

The QNET LifeSite gives me a lot useful prospecting tools and the ability to share QNET products and business opportunity easily with prospects anywhere in the world. I also like the Product Videos, which are easily available for everyone to see through a very simple interface.

What are your tips for those who want to start using QNET LifeSite?
Get your subscription and check out all the options and tools QNET LifeSite offers! It has so much potential that even I haven’t discovered all of it yet!

We hope you found Hossam Elfar’s testimonial useful and inspiring! So what are YOU waiting for? Get your QNET LifeSite subscription today!

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to get started:

  • Visit your Repeat eStore
  • Purchase a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription
  • Activate your LifeSite by clicking on the QNET LifeSite banner inside your Virtual Office
  • Learn more about how to make the most of the QNET LifeSite by visiting your “Resource Library” and watching the video tutorials.
  • Get networking to grow your business with all the amazing tools and features!

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