It’s the season to give! Why not reward yourself with Physio Radiance and get glowing, healthy skin? As a professional networker, making a good first impression is essential when meeting your new prospects. Be prepared for the celebration season with confidence and a radiant glow with Physio Radiance –QNET’s ever popular, high-end skin care range made in France!

The negative hydrogen (H-) found in Physio Radiance is known as the smallest antioxidant in the world – smaller than a nanotube — it can effectively penetrate multiple skin layers, giving it the boost that it needs. And with Physio Radiance’s patented microencapsulation technology, the H- is effectively protected in small hydrophobic balls, helping it stay powerful and ready to effectively boost your skin every day.

Physio Radiance’s ingredients are suitable for all types of skin, having the highest standard of hypoallergenic quality free from any preservatives, parabens and other potentially irritative chemicals.

Start pampering your skin today and shine with a healthy glow this New Year!

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