This week our QNET Bloggers discuss what role technology plays in the network marketing profession and how Social Media, Apps and Gadgets fit in the QNET business.

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KABAJJO PATRICK’s post titled Insight: The Power of Technology in Business  highlights the reliability of the QNET Lifesite, a customisable tool that IRs can use to better present and explain the QNET business opportunity to prospects. He also mentions how his blog, iPod and tablet are essential to his daily business operations. KABAJJO thanks Technology for playing a big role in the growth of his business.

ISRAA GARATLI’s entry is titled How Technology is Helping Me in my QNET Business and mentions how Blackberry Messenger and Whatsapp are her favourite tools for staying connected with her network. She also writes that social networking sites have always been a source of inspiration for her when she needs it.

SHOUMIK DE describes a social networking site as the easiest medium to network, find and connect with like-minded people.  He specially mentions Twitter as a powerful networking tool. Check out his post titled Technology the sharpest tool!

And there’s more! We have two French-speaking QNET Bloggers this week!  

ADAMA TRAORE – a first time QNET Blogger–  from Burkina Faso offers tips on how to enjoy and fully utilise social media in the network marketing business in his maiden post titled Marketing de réseau et réseaux sociaux: Une nouvelle opportunité! Cinq astuces ésssentielles,

ZOBO NAKI BERNARD or ‘ANGE’ from Ivory Coast writes that QNET is the pioneer in successfully merging the network marketing business model with an e-Commerce platform in his post titled Le Rôle Du E-Commerce Dans Notre Business Avec Qnet.

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