From the time we launched the QNET Blogger Programme, our bloggers were given specific topics to blog about but now we are going to try something new! From this week onwards we are giving the bloggers the freedom to write what they feel most passionate about.

Check out this week’s wide variety of blog posts:

Ranvir, through his fascinating personal story, presents some scientific and sentimental reasons as to why the Bio Disc is his favourite QNET product calling it “our treasure house of wealth.”  His post entitled I love this QNET Product… The BIO DISC is a must-read for all!

Pooja Shahani, referring to one of John C. Maxwell’s books, gives us a list of ‘Reasons People Have Troubles Identifying Their Dreams’. This post is a great read for inspiration if you are unsure or unclear of what you want in life.

Kabajjo Patrick tells us why ‘This is the Best Time to Join QNET’ in his blog post with the same title highlighting QNET’s amazing products and the fantastic business opportunity as the main reasons. In his post, he touches on some of QNET’s must-buy products and explains the 8 ways to earn in the QInfinite Plan.

And that’s not all! Check out our French bloggers’ posts as they write about the power of dreams and visions. You can read the English translation by clicking on Google Translate.

Ange Zobo generously shares some essential tips on how to define and build a vision. He also cites his leader and V Council Member Mr Fofana Amaral as a great man of vision and thanks him for building the QNET dream in Ivory Coast. Read his post entitled Quel Est Ton Rêve? Quelle Est Ta Vision?

Adama Traore shares his thoughts on how to transform your dream into a vision by breaking down famous quotes associated to Buddha, Frederick Langbridge, John F Kennedy, Henry Ford and Steve Jobs. Learn from his post entitled Le Rêve Africain: Avez-vous déjà songé au leadership?

Happy reading!

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