Leadership is one of the key skills needed to be successful in the network marketing profession because you have to lead and motivate yourself and your team every day to achieve your goals.

So what does it take to be a good leader? Are people ‘born’ or ‘made’ leaders? Is the capacity to lead something you are ‘born’ with or is it something that is ‘made’ and shaped by education, life experiences and circumstances?

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QNET ‏@QNetOfficial asked: 

#Leaders. Born or made?

Joseph Bismark ‏@TheDailyGem  Everyone’s an innate leader but they have to take responsibility for their actions. #thedailygem

Hanmant Pujari ‏@Hpujari  Leaders are neither born nor made… Leaders are within… need to take it out…!!!

Mahmoud Rasmy ‏@ma7modrasmy  Some of them are born leaders and some of them can be made leaders ;))

@AhmadElRefa3y  Born is a great word but it’s Made, because any person could be made a great leader 😉

Esther Koh ‏@estherhy  Depends. But I prefer Made more. 🙂

Fauza Enlight ‏@fauza_riza  Made 🙂

Surenthiran ‏@ksuren75  Obviously Made

@3allam1  Born

Franklin Jason ‏@frank_jgfm  Leaders are made!

Yusuf Kang’au Rumba ‏@Rumba_mfalme  Made

Mahmoud Sáid ‏@h0dazz  Made

HenDawY ‏@elhendawy  Totally MADE

G@N€$H SH€V@L€ ‏@ganeshshevale  Leaders are made! As Leadership can be learned and not just taught.

Tamer Bakr ‏@Tamer_Bakr  QNET was born to make more leaders.


How do you cultivate leaders?

G@N€$H SH€V@L€ ‏@ganeshshevale  Watching other leaders & emulating their behaviour, choose role models, seek mentors & seek feedback!

Mahmoud Sáid ‏@h0dazz  Building them as we were built!

Yusuf Kang’au Rumba ‏@Rumba_mfalme  Association with known leaders, it’s all about association

الملطي مليونير ‏@AhmadElRefa3y  Learn how to dream, give them tools for success, be patient, but the most important thing -‘Actions’


What does it take to make a leader, in your opinion?

Fauza Enlight ‏@fauza_riza  Heart, totality, respectful, strong, and kind 🙂


 How do we extract the leader in us?

Joseph Bismark ‏@TheDailyGem

I discuss exactly this in my blog post here: http://www.gemsofwisdom.net/markofaleader