QNET gives every individual financial freedom and the chance to improve their life for the better.

Mohamad Kariyadi is a dedicated, passionate QNET Independent Representative of 9 years from the village of Kebonsari, Madiun in East Java, Indonesia.

“Before joining QNET I was a worker at a car repair shop. I lived very poorly; I didn’t even have a house. After joining QNET I felt much more useful to others, especially my own family and the community. QNET makes my life more meaningful.”

How did you make your business so successful?

I focused on improving my team’s knowledge and skills in networking, and I always emphasized the power of the QNET business opportunity because I believe with QNETI can make the impossiblebecome possible. To be success all you need is courage and belief.

What are your favourite QNET products? 

Amezcua Bio Disc 2, Chi Pendant 2 and eGuard.

What products are the most popular with your downlines / customers? 

Amezcua Bio Disc 2 and Chi Pendant 2

Any advice to share with your fellow IRs? 

I’ve been to many V-Cons over the years and I highly recommend it. To my brothers and sisters all over the world: I hope in 2013 that you will also find the QNET business opportunity and we will meet!

I believe that QNET is our bridge to personal and professional success.

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