bloggerThis week our prolific bloggers touch on an exciting mix of topics from which you can certainly learn a thing or two. Read on…

Dhara Purohit is back with a lyrical post on how life has led her to the network marketing profession and to QNET, which she lovingly describes as a company that breathes and spreads care. Enjoy her post entitled Glimpse Into My Cherished Treasure – Reroute to Living Free!!

Ranvir  has a very interesting take on the varying mindsets and ‘financial blueprints’ of The Rich, The Poor and The Middle Class in Between.

Kabajjo Patrick is proof that you can continue doing the job you love and do QNET business at the same time. Read his post entitled Insight: You Don’t Have to QUIT Your Job.

Shoumik De writes about winning back inactive downlines with style and humility.  He attributes this learning to the guidance of his mentor Juhi Rai. Read his post entitled The art of keeping in touch.

And there’s more! Check out what our French-speaking bloggers have to say:

Adama Traoré blogs in French on the topic of building and maintaining good relationships with downlines. His entry is entitled Cinq règles pour retablir une communication efficace et renforcer votre leadership.

Ange Zobo writes about the true meaning and importance of every QNET business presentation. Read his post entitled Le Sens Réel D’une Présentation Du Business Plan De QNet.

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