Putting Smiles on the Faces of the Elderly

On Saturday, 2 February 2013, QNET Bangkok staff celebrated Chinese New Year early with the elderly women of the Mitra Parp Song-koh Foundation Elderly Women’s Home in Bangkok’s Patumthani province.

QNET received a very warm welcome from 60 elderly women gathered at the Foundation’s main hall with broad, bright smiles, excited and ready to begin the day’s activities! The first group activity was the inhaler-making workshop. Each group consisted of 8-10 people along with 2-3 staff members.

In the joyous spirit of Chinese New Year everyone dressed in shades of pink, red and unique Mandarin Collar tops! To add to the festive atmosphere, staff and the elderly women took turns singing both Thai and Chinese songs, entertaining all those present.

Following a lovely lunch followed by tea provided by QNET, each woman was given a gift bag with cookies, oranges and a traditional Chinese red gift envelop as a Chinese New Year gift from QNET. It was truly a touching moment as the elderly women blessed the QNET staff with good wishes – leaving some with tears in their eyes!

The day ended on a cheerful note when QNET staff gathered in front of the Mitra Parp Song-koh Foundation’s yard to plant potted-seedlings and the charming elderly women came out cheer the staff on!

In the spirit of giving, the Social Club Committee of the Bangkok office also held an internal charity auction to raise money which was donated to the Mitra Parp Song-koh Foundation Elderly Women’s Home!