knowledge_innerYou may recall a few weeks ago we tackled the big question
Why is Education Important?and we elaborated on how and why education is a valuable investment for you as a network marketer.

Continuing in the theme of education, today we look at how the knowledge gained from education can positively affect your life.

Knowledge is Power

Education is more than learning something new; the knowledge acquired from education empowers people to make informed decisions.

For example, the key to being a successful network marketer is having good leadership, management and communication skills, and these cannot be learned without proper guidance. By investing in education (such as QNET’s Swiss eLearning online courses) you empower yourself to become an expert in these areas and put yourself in a position to decide how to use the knowledge gained to grow personally and professionally.

Knowledge promotes Participation

With the knowledge gained from education you can participate in every aspect of life – personal, social, professional. You have the knowledge to decide what to do with your life and be active in making it happen. You are able to participate socially and professionally by sharing your thoughts and opinions with others, and making informed decisions for yourself. Without knowledge you may not be able to actively participate in conversations, discussions or decision-making because you don’t have a frame of reference or source of knowledge to refer from.

As a network marketer and an entrepreneur, your network and colleagues may look to you for guidance and advice; knowledge gives you the ability to participate with your team by sharing knowledge and enriching their lives. You are also able to participate in seminars, presentations, meetings and much more with your valuable skills and knowledge.

Knowledge enables Development

Without knowledge there can be no development; knowledge enables individuals to engage with each other in all contexts – personal, professional, social and economic – and this in turn promotes development and growth of a society. For example, the online courses from QNET’s Swiss eLearning Institute can develop you, a network marketer, personally, professionally and economically. With knowledge in areas such as Entrepreneurship, eCommerce or Business English you enrich yourself with more valuable skills and information to better communicate with and manage prospects and your network to grow a successful business.

Education is the investment and knowledge is your return on investment and we think it’s totally worth it!

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