With the thrilling dawn of the new 2013 F1 season soon upon us, QNET is also extremely excited to reveal and launch its new FanHQ site! Better, Faster and Easier to use, the QNET team has been working for months brainstorming and developing new ways, techniques and designs to perfect their main F1 sponsorship site. So what’s so new about the site you may be wondering? Well here are just a few teasers on some of the new features specially designed for you!


  • Available to the PUBLIC – Yes! ANYONE and EVERYONE!

Our brilliant QNET IT team have re-programmed the site so that it is available to anyone and everyone, and not just QNET IRs. So now you can show and suggest the QNET FanHQ site to your new prospects, friends and family members and share your love for F1.

  • A brand new 2013 QNET FanHQ Competition!

With the grand success of last year’s 2012 QNET FanHQ Competition we have searched high and low in our minds to come up with more new and creative quizzes and games all launching with the new QNET FanHQ site. This section will require you to login to the site with your IR details, so that we can keep a track of how many Fanpoints you earn throughout the year. And of course what everyone really cares about; collect as many Fanpoints as you can to win 2014 official Formula 1™ Race tickets!!

  • More social media links including VFan’s blog now embedded directly into QNET FanHQ site!

Go no further than the QNET FanHQ site to get ALL of your QNET-F1 social media updates from none other than our cute little F1 mascot QNET VFan! QNET VFan is the Marussia F1 Teams biggest fan, and brings you LIVE race updates and all hot-of-the-press F1 news through his Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • A racier, faster and sparkling NEW LOOK!

For this you’ll just have to wait and see for yourselves!

These are just a few teasers; we have much more in store for you with the new site. So GET READY! GET STEADY! And start your own 2013 race soon with the newly revamped QNET FanHQ site, coming to you soon, next Friday, 15 March 2013.