dev-and-mum-quoteIn celebration of International Women’s Day, QNET brings you exclusive personal success stories of the EXTRAORDINARY women in our network. Read  Jennifer Ann Orton’s story where she shares her humble beginnings, life experiences as a single mom turned business woman, journey to success with QNET, and tips for other women who want to succeed.
“My name is Jennifer Ann Orton and I am a product of the early 1950’s. Back then, a woman’s role was to keep ‘the home fires burning’, while the man-of-the-house brought home ‘ the bacon’. This was a nice, cozy and neat arrangement until the early 90’s when I was suddenly a single mom. With two children to look after – a teenage son and a very young daughter – and no financial resources of my own, I needed to find a way to earn income.

Initially I rented out a room in my house – a concept in India known as Paying Guest – for a few years to help pay the bills. It wasn’t a perfect arrangement, but it helped us to get by.

Then in 2006, like an answer to my prayer, something WONDERFUL happened! I was introduced to a brilliant business opportunity with QNET. I just knew, instinctively, that this was my ticket to freedom, my way out of helplessness. After all, opportunities like this don’t come by too often, and boy, am I glad I grabbed it by the horns!

My beginnings in QNET were humble, but my determination was fierce. I HAD to make it work for me and my children. I worked very hard conducting about 4 or 5 presentations a day and faced many ups and downs. But through this I learned how to take ownership, build a team, and face my challenges head on. Money started to trickle in bit by bit and I used it to pay bills, and then when my team began to grow the cheques became more consistent.

Today, 7 years later, I greet the morning with a spring in my step and a song in my heart. I have a wonderful purpose to life: I am a woman with a mission. I owe my determination and courage to the 2 most important women in my life: my mother, the kindest of souls who also faced her challenges courageously and my precious daughter, Shefali, who taught me in her 14 short years on earth how to live life to the fullest. These are my angels above who watch over me every day.

Today, the dark clouds have passed and the sun has come out. At last, I have control of my life and I am doing things that I never thought possible before. I owe this change to my AMAZING company QNET; it helped me — a caterpillar — morph into a beautiful, free BUTTERFLY. And the journey started with 3 simply words ” Yes, I can.”

So to all the women out there my message to you is: ” Yes, you can.”

Happy International Women’s Day!