Expectation: Waking up to rejuvenated skin, ready to tackle a new day.

Reality: Waking up to find out wrinkles and fine lines on your face!!!

Does the above sound familiar?

It’s true that sleeping should help restore, rejuvenate and heal your body. But in fact, sleeping in certain positions, night after night, can also cause lines on your forehead and cheeks. These ‘sleep lines’ become etched into the surface of your face and disappears once you wake up.

No matter how soft your pillow is, sleeping puts pressure on your face each night… etching unwanted lines into your chin, cheeks or forehead. And finally, these fine lines and wrinkles will develop to appear prominently on your face even when you wake up!inner_PR_1teaserS


Here’s how. QNET is bringing you the latest addition to Physio Radiance that can help you tackle this problem.

No more nightmares. Wake up to flawless skin and witness a younger-looking you!

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