DSNewsThe article “Direct Selling’s Billion Dollar Markets” in the most recent issue of Direct Selling News magazine covered 22 countries that are billion dollar markets sales wise and made up 90% of global direct selling retail sales in 2011. Did you know that QNET has a strong local presence in approximately 25% of those markets including Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia and Russia and more?

One of the biggest reasons why these markets are thriving is because regardless of education, economic status, race, or gender, direct selling offers every individual the opportunity to lead a better life. By either earning extra income, learning new skills, seeking contacts, building self-esteem or giving back to your communities, you can build a better life for you and your loved ones.

On one hand your own dedication, hard work and will power play a vital role in being a successful direct seller, while on the other it’s the company you choose to be connected to and its culture that plays an equally if not more important role in your ultimate success.

While QNET is a global direct selling conglomerate, it has a local soul – YOU. We recognize that while we are one global network, there are local and cultural differences that make you unique and that is what we love about our IRs across the world. According to the article, localisation is vital to achieving success in this industry and QNET’s marked success is due to its focus on this very business model. QNET’s product lines and services are localised and specialised for as many of its local markets as possible. With an ever-growing and evolving product portfolio, QNET strives to bring each of our IRs not just the best, but the right products too.

Your success is our success and we want you to see why being in the direct selling business, and more importantly, being a part of QNET is the right choice.

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