chloe-collage-quoteIn celebration of International Women’s Day, QNET brings you exclusive personal stories of the EXTRAORDINARY women in our network. Introducing Chloe Kok! She shares how she turned from a shy girl into a confident, successful business woman!

Read on to find out more…

Before joining QNET, I had no self-confidence, few friends, and no real direction or focus in life. Then after joining QNET and with the guidance of my mentor Mr Sathi, I became very confident, independent and social. QNET has changed me for the better. I remember that I spent my first cheque on getting a makeover to give myself a boost of self-confidence!

One woman who has been a true inspiration to me is Ms Donna Imson. She has been through some tough times in her life too but she is fearless and always believed in herself. When facing my own challenges, I always think of Ms Donna from whom I have truly learned a lot.

Today, I am in total control of my life. I wake up excited to see what each day brings.

Happy International Women’s Day!”