Doreen-Katto-quoteIn celebration of International Women’s Day, QNET brings you exclusive personal stories of the EXTRAORDINARY women in our network.

Introducing VC Doreen Katto from Uganda, she shares how QNET changed her life, belief system and attitude!

How did QNET change your life?

QNET has changed EVERYTHING about my life. It transformed me from a traditional corporate executive with a limited static monthly income into an entrepreneur earning unlimited dynamic income, not monthly but weekly. My income keeps growing exponentially.

QNET has changed my core values — my belief system: I see opportunity where others see impossibility, I believe that nothing is unrealistic. I have gained valuable skills and knowledge in areas such as financial intelligence and global financial dynamics, which is something I would never have learned in any school. QNET has given me a global family and an opportunity to make a difference not only in my own life but in the lives of others.

How did you use your first QNET earning?

My first earning was proof that the QNET business opportunity works: when I work hard, I earn. So I decided to be wise and expand my income by re-investing my first earning back into my business by purchasing more Tracking Centers.

A woman who is inspirational to me is:

VP Donna Imson. She inspires me as a single mother who rose against all odds to establish a foundation for the future of her children. As a single mother myself, VP Donna Imson’s story is my source of inspiration and courage to keep going; she is someone I look up to and hope to model myself after.