Mr Bernhard H. Mayer with a Swiss watchmaker.
Mr Bernhard H. Mayer with a Swiss watchmaker.

In this first post of a two part series, we sit down with Mr Bernhard H. Mayer, whose great grandfather founded Mayer Mint over 140 years ago, to talk about Swiss watches, passion for tradition and new developments in the watch industry.

When one talks about Swiss watches, quality and observing traditions are assumed. But since we can say that for you, watch production ‘runs in the family’, what is a watch for you? An accessory, a story to tell, a piece of art?

A watch to me is a statement, expressing one’s taste and style. It is a story or conversation piece and sometimes a work of art, especially for the more elaborate ones. A fine Swiss watch – much like a sophisticated car or a prestigious house – can be a way to express wealth. During my grandfather’s and father’s time, a watch was just a useful accessory. But now, with time being told by mobile phones and other devices, the mere ability to show time has grown less important.

Are there any family legends you could share with us?

I remember my grandfather wearing beautiful gold pocket watches with lovely engravings on their covers. Some of them even had miniature enamel paintings. Those were true pieces of art done by artisans in Geneva, Paris, and Pforzheim (my home town). One of them even had a clockwork mechanism, with a tiny bell sounding every hour. When I was a child, this particular pocket watch fascinated me most.

How many watches do you personally have? Which is your favourite, and why?

I own a collection of watches, and most of them were made by our Swiss watch company. My long-time favorite watch has been the Force Watch, which has a modern sporty design and uses Amezcua energy force technology. Isn’t it great that when you wear a Swiss watch, you are also receiving benefits similar to an Amezcua product? I truly enjoy its design and qualities, and I hope that many people will share my passion for this stylish timepiece.

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