inner_OleProductHLDo you know what makes Olé Olive Leaf Extract special and different from other olive extracts on the market?

The answer lies in the care given to every single step in the production of Olé Olive Leaf Extract. Our long-time Australian manufacturer is dedicated to only the best and highest quality process from branch to bottle.

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Selected from the world’s highest quality source of olive leaf, Australia, Olé olive leaves are freshly picked at sunrise and then immediately processed and bottled. There is no storage, drying or damage to the leaves before they are turned into Olé. Fresh-picked olive leaves produce a higher potency extract that is more readily bioavailable for your body than inferior over-processed powders or products made from dried leaves.

A quality olive leaf extract such as Olé has a 400% greater anti-oxidant capacity than Vitamin C. Take Olé Olive Leaf Extract 3 times-a-day to fight free radicals and support your immune system. Visit your eStore and grab your Olé today!

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Updated 05/02/2015