Mr Bernhard H. Myaer with a team of Swiss watch makers at Cimer AG
Mr Bernhard H. Mayer with a team of Swiss watch makers at CIMIER.

This is the second part of a two-part exclusive interview with Bernhard H. Mayer, the man behind QNET’s exclusive watch brand.

Have there been any significant changes for the Bernhard H. Mayer® brand since watches became Swiss made?

Today, the factory in Germany focusses on minting coins and medals, while all watch activities are concentrated in Switzerland at Cimier AG, which the QI Group acquired. However, our coin and watch productions are all in one family, united by the spirit of tradition and craftsmanship. Acquiring the production in Switzerland was a natural step in our development, bringing our passion for high quality watches to a new level.

There is a stereotype that a truly Swiss made watch cannot be quartz, that if there is a battery, there is no high-quality mechanism. How true is this statement? As for hand-wound and battery-powered watches, can they be discussed in terms of ‘better’ or ‘worse’?

Battery-powered watches are quartz watches. One can say that all inexpensive watches are quartz, which has made the image of the quartz watch suffer a bit, but I want to emphasise that there are some beautiful and absolutely great quartz watches around. The hand winding and automatic movements are more complicated in terms of movement, so they are considered more valuable. But in a ladies’ watch, it is difficult to have a mechanical movement due to the small size, so some of our fine ladies’ watches are quartz. A quartz watch can be absolutely beautiful and of fine quality. It is true that hardcore watch aficionados want nothing but mechanical watches, either hand-wound or automatic. However, we take production of all our watches seriously, whether they are mechanical, automatic or quartz. The same production and quality standards are applied to all of them, and all are truly Swiss in terms of their parts, movement, quality of materials, and assembly.

Do you believe that watches are image-making accessories? How much can a watch influence the impression a person makes?

Yes, I believe a watch affects a person’s image, much like a fine car or a lovely dress, or another fine accessory such as a beautiful handbag. But at the same time, it is also an investment, often passed down from generation to generation and considered an heirloom.

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