Faster and more furious, FanHQ blazes back onto your screens TODAY! After months and months of careful assessments, analysis and testing the QNET IT and Design Team went back to the drawing boards to figure out ways to make our beloved FanHQ better than ever before!

And so with great pride it is our pleasure to announce the grand launch of the newly revamped FanHQ website!

Enjoy page to page new features, from a new and more fun Home Page (STARTING LINE), more fun interactive social media buttons, and a brand new 2013 FanHQ Quiz for your entertainment. The site is also now available to anyone and everyone who wants to take a look, with only the FANHQ Games and the MY FANPOINTS section requiring your IR login details. And what a great new look!

And be sure to keep checking into the FanHQ site for more new games and interactive features… all coming very soon!

But we won’t reveal all the finer details now here in this article… go check it out for your selves at

Better. Stronger. Faster. FanHQ is Back!