The loving couple, Malckolm and Michelle Desai.
The loving couple, Malckolm and Michelle Desai.

We finally get long-time QNET leaders and loving couple Malckolm & Michelle Desai, to share their farming secret.

Why does their farm boasts such luscious and plentiful crops?

Well… their secret is finally revealed here at QNET blog.

See what they have to say about their secret:

“We have a farm in the family. However, we are networkers and farming is not our business but one of our hobbies. The produce from our farm is only for our own consumption. We share it with the villagers in the area and, of course, with our family and friends. Primarily, we have been using the Amezcua Energy Shell to water the soil, crops, trees, plants and flowers on the farm. We have observed a remarkable difference in the flowers, fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables look bigger and taste sweeter and fresher as well. Also after being harvested, they seem to retain their freshness and taste for a much longer period. Moreover, our pets and farm animals drink only water energised by the Amezcua Energy Shell, making them healthier than ever.”


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