LifeSite_EmailCampaign_Multilanguages_InnerWe are happy to announce that the product centric Email Campaigns in QNET LifeSite are now also available in the following languages: Arabic, French and Russian!

The following products’ Email Campaigns are now multilingual: Adiva Divine, Bernhard H. Mayer®, HomePure, Physio Radiance and Swiss eLearning Institute.

Remember the Email Campaigns are a great way to stay connected with your prospects and network and introduce them to your favourite QNET products and brands.

With the Email Campaigns available in more languages  — English, Arabic, French and Russian — you can now communicate with prospects and colleagues anywhere in the world and take your business global!

Here is how to send your multilingual Email Campaigns:

  • Click on your “Marketing Center” tab
  • Select “Email”
  • Compose “New Email” then start “Email Campaign”
  • Select your Product Email Campaign in your preferred language
  • Select your recipients
  • Schedule and send

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