bloggerOur QNET Bloggers take on some thought-provoking topics this week: What should we know about judging the accuracy of some information available online? Why should we avoid the temptation of instant gratification? What are the essential elements for success in network marketing? How important are ethics in the network marketing business?

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Rohit Chourasia makes a very valid point in his new post entitled QNET vs Wikipedia, in which he encourages us to consider the accuracy of online sources of information. Sometimes we may believe what we read online but it’s always a good idea to double check facts.

Pooja Shahani’s new post is entitled Delayed Gratification – A Road Less Travelled. Read it to know her enlightening insights on why “You should always keep yourself mentally broke.

The following posts are in French, you can use Google Translate to get the English translation.

Ange Zobo shares some essential elements on how to gain success in Network Marketing and opines that it’s achievable for anyone interested in this business. Read his post entitled Le Facteur Développement Humain À QNET.

Adama Traoré gives his insights on the importance of ethics in Network Marketing. He believe it is with ethics that we should try to build an organisation that has long-term potential and in which thousands of men and women can flourish and realise their dreams. The title of this stirring post is Éthique et marketing de réseau.

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