Are you ready for V-Malaysia 2013?V-Con.2013.Hot.Update.Inner

Well, we don’t know about you but we certainly can’t wait! So to stir up the hype, we decide to take you all with us on a journey to relive V-Indonesia 2012.

Remember how much fun, inspirational and heart-warming V-Indonesia was? Yeah, let’s go visit that perfect moment in time again…

An amazing 5-day event, V-Indonesia 2012 captured the hearts of all with the largest QNET product exhibition ever, the launch of new products and tools, the PITCH campaign, the attendance of sport stars, achievement awards, exclusive book signing sessions, tips and advises, Achievers’ Club and much, much more… not to mention the 10,000 IRs and QNET and The V VIPs that attended the memorable event!

Relive the experience from the pictures below.

And don’t forget, we’ll see you at V-Malaysia 2013! Tickets are now available in your eStore.

Stay tuned to this section of the blog to get an exclusive glimpse into THIS year V-Con… an even BETTER experience for all of you.