GabrielaPhysioRadianceGabriela Kubanza is a 52-year-old Independent Representative (IR) who hails from Romania. She joined QNET back in January 2006 when she was living in Angola. Her upline is from Kenya and she’s part of the Titans Team.

In September 2006, she attended her very first QNET Training in Nairobi, Kenya. Her very first V-Con was V-Jakarta 2007. Having a diplomat for a husband, she and her family have moved around a lot and some of the countries she’s lived include Angola, Serbia, South Africa and Botswana.

Gabriela has 4 children. The oldest is her stepson who is a very successful architect at 36. The others are aged 20, 17 and 13. She is very proud of the fact that her family possesses and enjoys using almost all of QNET’s products.

They have all the Amezcua products. They wear Bernhard H. Mayer®. They have Holiday memberships. They regularly consume Nutrisky. They are also taking courses from the Swiss eLearning Institute. But, one product that is hands down a top favourite to her family is Physio Radiance simply because, unlike the usual beauty products in the market, it contains no harmful chemical ingredients.

After months of using Physio Radiance religiously, everyone in her family noticed a big difference in the appearance of their skin.

“Our faces are now brighter and softer. For us adults, very soon after we started using the Extreme Anti-Oxidant Serum, we noticed that our wrinkles were significantly diminished and our faces gained back its firmness and elasticity. We felt our skin become more and more youthful day by day. My children’s faces are well-hydrated and protected against damaging environmental factors like wind, dust and sun.

The Comfort Emulsion Cleanser is very effective despite being gentle to our skin and eyes. The Remineralising Toner Lotion and the Radiance Enhancer Day & Night Fluid also give an all-day freshness.

Our skins have become soft, smooth and silky because of the harmony and effectiveness of these products. In our family, there are 3 types of skin: Caucasian, African and Mixed. Physio Radiance has worked wonders for all of us!”

Gabriela is very happy about the fact that not only is her family benefitting from using Physio Radiance, they’re also benefitting financially from the Repeat Sales Points generated from their regular purchase of these great products on the QNET eStore. They can convert these RSPs into either Business Volume or cash, depending on which meets their needs best. Talk about feeding two birds with one scone!

At the rate things are going, one can bet that she’s on her way to joining the ranks of the most radiant-looking network marketing superstars!