LifeSite_Multilanguages_InnerWe are happy to announce that the product centric Email Campaigns in QNET LifeSite are now also available in TURKISH!

You will find the following products’ Email Campaigns in Turkish: Adiva Divine, Bernhard H. Mayer®, HomePure, Physio Radiance and Swiss eLearning Institute.

Remember in addition to Turkish, the Email Campaigns are also available in English, Arabic, French and Russian. You can now communicate with prospects and colleagues anywhere in the world, and introduce them to your favourite QNET products and brands.

Here is how to send your multilingual Email Campaigns:

  • Click on your “Marketing Center” tab
  • Select “Email”
  • Compose “New Email” then start “Email Campaign”
  • Select your Product Email Campaign in your preferred language
  • Select your recipients
  • Schedule and send

Visit your QNET LifeSite today to take your business global!