F1-Bahrain_innerFormula moves from the mysterious lands of China to the alluring plains of Arabia, to Sakhir for the 2013 F1 GULF AIR Bahrain Grand Prix. The Bahrain International Circuit is a beautiful track taking on a horse shoe shape curvature, giving some breezy straights and challenging corners, a dream for any F1 driver that enjoys the thrill of the race.

Marussia rookies Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi will both have a blast in this new environment, where drivers are able to race into the external desert area, before returning back into an oasis-styled infield. They will also be able to really show of the MR02 racing machine’s true potential on the highly adhesive Bahrain track, built from 12,000 tonnes of stone, a third being Welsh granite, giving the circuit surface an excellent level of friction.

Let’s cheer on the Marussia F1 Team in their fourth race of the 2013 season. They have had an exhilarating start – so let’s wish them the best for another show of excellence!

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GO Max and Jules! GO Marussia F1 Team! GO QNET!