bismarkmeditationMr Joseph Bismark is no stranger to meditation, having started practising it since he was a teenager. He has experienced its benefits first hand and, now, shares that knowledge with those interested to learn.

Although he has taught often, the session on Saturday, April 13, was especially poignant.

He spent his morning conducting a special meditation session for 20 domestic workers who have suffered from abuse in their lives. The event was organised by the QI Group, parent company of QNET, in collaboration with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) Singapore.

The beneficiaries hailed from the Philippines, Indonesia and Burma, and were joined by about 20 staff from QI Singapore.

Mr Bismark began by talking about the importance of knowing who we truly are, followed by Mantra and Silent Witness meditation.

“We are not identified by the clothes we wear, our name or where we come from. Rather, we are spirit souls and understanding that is the beginning of the journey to true happiness,” said Mr Bismark.

“Meditation falls right alongside our journey to self-awareness as it is through it that we achieve internal calmness. Mantra meditation is a process or practice of drawing the mind from material thoughts and converting that to spiritual thoughts.”

The topic seemed especially pertinent to the women as it gave them the affirmation that, no matter the trials and tribulations one goes through, understanding the simple truth about the soul will set one free.

It was obvious from the glowing smiles and praise that resonated throughout the room after the session, that both staff and beneficiaries, left the room feeling refreshed and renewed.

The event was held to commemorate International Women’s Day.

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