aspIRe.14.teaserEXTRA! EXTRA! The newest aspIRe is ready and waiting for your eager eyes to read through at V Malaysia 2013 – which means, in just a few days!

The aspIRe team is really excited about this particular issue. For the first time, aspIRe magazine had a full makeover. Are you ready to be wowed?

This issue boasts everything from a complete design revamp to a 10-page fashion spread featuring the winners of the QNET Top Models competition rocking the latest QNET merchandise collection. Just check out how beautiful the cover looks!

Not to be missed are the articles written by QNET and The V VIPs, in-depth interviews with some of the Achievers’ Club’s Stars, an extensive coverage of last year’s V-Con and much, much more.

Make sure you get your copy of aspIRe as soon as you reach this year’s V-Con. If they sell out, don’t say we didn’t warn you.