Nisar Ibrahim is a doctor based in Saudi Arabia who takes pride in being in service to people. He became a QNET Independent Representative a little over two years ago, and says he enjoys being part of the company because of its similar dedication towards helping others. He likes navigating the Internet and makes it a habit to regularly visit the QNET website. This is how he discovered the perks of planning a vacation with Q-breaks.

Early last December, Nisar married his fiancée Sheena in Mangalore, India. After their wedding, the couple went on a honeymoon at Dreamland Luxury Villas and Spa in Bali, Indonesia. Nisar booked this Bali Escapade package from Q-breaks, a vacation package booking website under the holiday product line of QNET.


Nisar describes the trip as “really awesome.” From the moment they were picked up from the airport and brought back to board the flight home, the resort staff had been nothing short of warm and friendly. They were very courteous and attentive, and had even called Nisar while he was still in India to ask him what kind of surprise he would like them to prepare for his wife.


When they arrived at the resort, every moment became a very pleasant surprise for Sheena, who exclaimed in awe at the beautiful private villa, the swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and with whom Nisar enjoyed what he called the best cake they’ve had in their lives – the surprise honeymoon cake prepared by the resort staff. The entire ambience of the resort made their 4-day trip the perfect honeymoon.



Nisar thanks Q-Breaks for helping him make all this happen. Everything, from the booking and confirmation process, to airport pick-up and drop-off, was very smoothly done. He commends the Q-breaks team for their service excellence, and swears that he will book even more trips with them in the future to fulfill the rest of his globetrotting dreams.

You now have a chance to go out and see the world while you’re young. Don’t miss out!” Nisar says about Q-breaks as he also calls out to his fellow Independent Representatives. And he’s right. Check out Q-breaks’ wide variety of packages, numerous destinations and value for money prices now, and find out how they can change the way you holiday forever!