Wow! We still can’t believe how AMAZING the first day of V-Malaysia 2013 was. There are no words for it. It’s just simply… V-amazing.

The day started out early as QNET staff excitedly prepared to open their doors to welcome the rest of the QNET family… YOU GUYS! For some of us, it’s been seven months since we met in Indonesia… and for a few, it’s their first time ever getting to meet the people behind QNET’s success… QNET’s IRs. And what an awe-inspiring sight – a colourful, vibrant and energetic crowd decked out in their national costumes!

Even as people poured in to register themselves, the QNET Pavilion opened its doors. The highlight of the day, we must say, was definitely the inaugural ceremony marked by a ribbon cutting.

And lastly… the moment we were all waiting for – the official V-Malaysia Opening Ceremony! We either go BIG or go home, right? And my, did we go BIGGGG! The ceremony started out with traditional dances and an EPIC battle between beat box and drummers. The much awaited international flag parade showcased the true spirit of RYTHM Nation. V Partner Kuna Senathirajah welcomed everyone to his home country and to V Malaysia 2013. V Partners Arun George, Adly Hassan and Sathi Senathirajah then took the stage to lead an epic session of cheering that took the whole stadium by storm.

This was followed by the iconic gathering of all the V Partners on stage. Founder Japadas Bismark welcomed the most awaited speakr of the evening – V Managing Partner Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran who took the stage to welcome his family home. See some of Dato Sri’s inspiring quotes in this issue of QBuzz Daily.

Here, check out some of the daily photos below: