VFan @V-Malaysia 2013, reporting from the Melawati Shah Alam Stadium, Malaysia #VMY13


I’m here! Finally back in V-Con mode at the amazing V-Malaysia 2013! It has been about 8 months since my last V-Con in Indonesia last year, so as you can imagine I have been revving to get stuck into all the action! V-amazing V-Malaysia sure did start BIG, with a blur of colour and energy bursting through the venue’s seams. And it’s only Day 2, so who knows where the energy could take us!

The Marussia F1 Team show car arrived the day before the official start of the event, and wasn’t it a sight for sore eyes. Although it had a slightly bumpy ride getting to the venue, it still managed to steal the spotlight, shining through everyone present. There was a gush of “Oooh’s” and “Wow’s” from the small crowd of QNET staff present as the impressive show car was unveiled. People grabbed their opportunity to take a photo with the marvelous racing car, including our very own QNET MD Mr JR Mayer!



My QNET-Marussia F1 Team V-Con booth is looking immaculate with its sleek colours and gleaming Marussia F1 Team show car. So far it has been a ball of fun speaking to IRs that have travelled from all corners of the world to be here and share this special event with us.



The official V-Malaysia opening ceremony was stunningly executed with bright lights and overwhelming emotion, starting with traditional cultural dances, battles between drummers and beat boxer’s and an awe-inspiring international flag parade demonstrating the true core of V-Malaysia 2013’s RYTHM Nation theme.

It has been an exciting few days and there is no doubt that there is plenty more to come. So stay tuned!