And yet another day of V-Malaysia 2013 has passed. We thought it could not ever get better, but IT DID!

So as we promised, here’s a recap of the day:

V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark gave an exclusive book signing and photo-taking session at the QNET Booth.

Chief Pathman got up on stage with QNET Managing Director JR Mayer. Both are the ultimate role-model for anyone wanting to give their all, for anyone who wants to give a 100% to everything they touch and make a difference in all they do.

Our very own fitness guru, QNET Chief Executive Officer Dave Osh helps man the Weight Management booth while answering any questions regarding InShape. Go QNET CEO! You rock!

Chancellor of Academics of SMC University Dr Ted Sun took the stage with QNET Product Marketing Manager of eLearning Bernhard Gaksch to announce some of the latest and soon-to-come education courses… QNET’s very own university QIUP, Swiss eLearning Institute’s Wealth Management course, SMC’s Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration.

QNET Product Specialist Ashley Williams and Research Professor Dr Jeon Hyoung-Tag announced the launch of the latest HomePure product – Alkaline Stick. “An alkaline body is the key to a healthy diet,” says Williams. To learn more about Alkaline Stick, visit the Home Care product booth.

An exclusive book signing-session took place at the QNET Pavilion by VP Sathi Senathirajah, VP Adly Hassan and VP Arun George.