Find SMC Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration from the QNET eStoreWhy waste the time and money when you can save it with SMC’s Accelerated Bachelor of Business (ABBA) – The Swiss-standard ABBA course from QNET.

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Here are some of the benefits of ABBA:

  1. Save time – It takes an average of only 4-6 months to complete ABBA
  2. Save money – You don’t have to spend a fortune on classroom based study
  3. Receive Swiss-grade quality
  4. ABBA allows you to progress to SMC’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) which is a globally accredited degree
  5. Improve yourself and improve your chance of success
  6. Receive a physical graduation certificate delivered to your doorstep all the way from Switzerland.

Find SMC ABBA and SMC ABBA-IT under Education in your eStore.