bloggerDo you ever wonder what one exactly gets out of attending the V-Con? Do you want to see a clear picture of a family living a life of financial freedom? Are you interested to learn more about the Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA)? Do you want to know what the Ivory Coast leaders think of Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral? Do you want tips on how to have a positive outlook? Get the answers to these questions by reading this week’s posts from the QNET Bloggers!

Yves Olivier is a first time QNET Blogger who hails from Ivory Coast but is now based in the UK. His maiden post enumerates the benefits of attending the V-Con. He closes his post with ‘I daydream about V-LONDON 2016 in the United Kingdom at the O2 ARENA. So shall it be!!!’ Read his post entitled THE VCON/VMALAYSIA: THE GATHERING OF CHAMPIONS.

Ranvir’s new post consists of short stories that illustrate the contrast in the lives of people living comfortably but not financially free and people enjoying total financial freedom. His post is simply entitled I wish…

Rohit Chourasia researched extensively on Swiss Management Center University’s new course that has recently been made available in your Qualify eStore. He put together the most salient points in one informative post entitled Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA).

Use Google Translate to read these two posts in French.

Ange Zobo‘s new post is about the event that their team held in Abidjan to celebrate the recent proclamation of Mr Fofana Amaral as Associate V Partner and to introduce a new breed of network leaders in Ivory Coast. Read his post entitled Présentation De AVP Fofana AMARAL Et Des Élites Wave 15.

Adama Traoré wrote a post on how to think positive. It contains 3 ways or principles to develop a mindset for success. His very insightful post is entitled Pensez Positif.

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