The exciting RSP Photo of the Week Contest has now come to an end! We are happy to announce the final week’s RSP Photo of the Week WINNERS!

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Congratulations to IBTISAM M. ELARFI from Uganda! You’ve won FREE BioSilver Gel!

Ibitsam _WorldHere’s what she says about her favorite Repeat Sales Product, Physio Radiance:

“My sister and I love Physio Radiance products because they gave us beautiful skin & are wonderful. We advised our friends to also use Physio Radiance. Because it is the dream of every women to get healthy, pure and radiant skin”

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Congratulations to AHMED M. MUNNAWAR from India! You’ve won FREE ArganCare for men & women!


Here’s what he says about his favorite Repeat Sales Product, nutriplus:

‘This is my son Said. He is 2 years old. Since the launch of Repeat Sales Products he has been taking nutriplus chocolate. I can see the benefits! He is very active and sharp for his age. It’s the magic of soya and nutriplus!”

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Congratulations to AHMED MOHAMED SADEK from Egypt! You’ve won FREE BioSilver Gel!


Here’s what he says about his favorite Repeat Sales Product, Ole Olive Leaf Extract:

“Why I love Ole: From the day I started to use Ole, I don’t need to use normal medicine for cold and flu or normal coughs anymore. My immune system has improved, and I start to feel overall health improvement. No day passes now without my daily doses :)”

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Selamat untuk I WAYAN MUKA UDIANA, Anda pemenang minggu ini. Anda telah memenangkan Amezcua E-Guard GRATIS!


Komentar I WAYAN MUKA UDIANA tentang Produk Penjualan Perulangan favoritnya, Amezcua E-Guard:

‘Saya Bangga Menggunakan E-Guard Sebagai Peredam Radiasi, Sehingga Saya Bisa Leluasa Menggunakan Handphone Sepanjang Masa Dan Saya Mendapatkan Kenyamanan Pada Saat Berkomunikasi Tanpa Khawatir Lagi Dengan Bahaya Radiasi. E-Guard Membuat Komunikasi Saya Lancar Dengan Para Dowline Dan Hubungan Relasi Dimanapun Berada Di Seluruh Dunia. Bagi Anda Pengguna Handphone, Segera Tempelkan E-Guard. Terimakasih Qnet, Produk E-Guard Sangat Luar Biasa.”

QNET extends a huge THANK YOU to all those who participated and CONGRATULATIONS to all our WINNERS!