FathersDayHappy_InnerIn celebration of Father’s Day, we asked you on Twitter to share with us the best advice that you have ever received from your dad. Here are some of our favourite answers:

@KarimEldomyati My dad once said to me, “QNET is our future so we have to do our best with them.”

@ShaileshAnthony  “You will fail in life, be it in your personal or professional journey, but this will never be what defines you. What defines you is that you get up again.”

@yas_fallath  “You have to start counting on yourself. I’m not going to be here forever.”

@Hpujari  An advice from my dad which I also saw in his actions: “Make sure your happiness does not make others unhappy.”

@NasserAlNassr  “Pray on time, especially at dawn, to kick you out of your comfort zone.”

Some of our staff also shared their favourite advice from their dads:

 “Life’s not fair. Suck it up.” Ivan Woo, Head of IT Applications, Hong Kong

The best advice my dad ever gave me was: “Be a good, honest, and kind person, and always maintain your personal and professional relationships well. It is what people will remember you for, and later, you will find that what goes around comes around.” Ankita Sodhia, Marketing Communications Executive, Thailand

 “Do good things at your work, and if you cannot be good, be careful. It’s okay if you cannot perform many things. Having one skill is all right, but you must master it so you can make a living out of it.”
 Wita Dahlan, Corporate Communications Manager, Indonesia

You can also listen to these powerful words Rocky Balboa said to his son:

“Some superheroes don’t have capes… they are called DAD.”