QNET_PPMC_Launch_innerA stylish QNET-branded card, the QNET Prepaid MasterCard is the ultimate tool to access your cash anywhere in the world!*

The QNET Prepaid MasterCard is fully integrated with your Qashout account so you can view your card transactions, change your PIN and manage the Auto Cashout settings that determine how much of your earnings are automatically loaded to your card each month.

You can use it to make purchases everywhere MasterCard is accepted – in-store, online or over the phone – worldwide. And you can also use your card to withdraw funds at any of the millions of ATMs around the world (note: bank fees may apply).

How to get a QNET PrePaid MasterCard?

  • Log-in to your Qashout account at www.qashout.com
  • Click the “Request Card” button  on the left-hand side of the page
  • Ensure your Profile information is complete
  • Click “Submit”
  • Once your card is received, to activate it please call 1-604-629-5944 or visit www.qashout.com and your earnings will be transferred to your card automatically. Please note: there is an activation fee of USD 10

For more information about the QNET Prepaid MasterCard, please visit www.qashout.com/faqs.jsp to see the FAQs.

If you don’t have a Qashout account, sign up for one at www.qashout.com and get your own QNET PrePaid MasterCard today!

*Please note: Availability is subject to country.