A group of professional athletes sponsored by QNET have left the city of Almaty with the aim of running 1,200 km to Kazakhstan’s capital Astana in time for landmark 15th Anniversary celebrations on 6 July.

The impressive event has been named My Heart Astana and is being undertaken by a group of fifteen athletes from the Almaty Marathon Club including several QNET Independent Representatives.

The runners have divided themselves into three teams and will take turns running the enormous distance. When not running, each team will rest in a bus which will follow the group all the way to Astana.

Their run will take the athletes through Aksuyek village, Balkhash and Karanganda on their way to Astana.

The Astana Day celebrations include hundreds of events spread over the week leading up to 6 July and will demonstrate the city’s growth from a provincial city to a 21st century regional hub.

In anticipation of the event, week-long celebrations are planned to highlight Astana as a comfortable and stable city, an investment destination and a spiritual and cultural centre for the Central Asian region and the rest of the world.

View images from the start of the race in the QNET Official Facebook Page Album

Source for Astana Day content: Business Standard