UKF1TripLast Sunday was an F1 race day. The Santander British Grand Prix in the UK is one of the most iconic races in the circuit, not only due to the Silverstone race track itself, but also, and perhaps especially, due to all the crazy British motorsport fans.

Amidst the noisy, enthusiastic crowd (after all, ‘home-boy’ Lewis had secured the pole position) were 10 QNET Independent Representatives to whom things looked even more thrilling. For the first time, they were more than regular fans glued to the TV screen or, at best, catching glimpses of the super-fast F1 cars from the stands. This race, they were QNET VFans!

Besides the eventful race in which Max and Jules got P16 and P17 respectively, the lucky lads got to go ‘backstage’. They visited the Marussia F1 Team garage in the pit and saw the race like they were truly part of the team. After a private tour to the racing grounds, the 10 got to meet and greet some of the Marussia Team members.

They have shared a few pictures of their amazing trip with VFan. Check them out here, like and share them with your friends.

Great things happen when you follow your dreams. Go Marussia! Go QNET!