Sheena Flannery, Head of Marketing Communications making animals with the kids.

On Saturday, staff from the Bangkok Office of QNET spent the day with local children in the poor neighborhood of Bon Kai.

34 QNET staff visited the only kindergarten in the area to facilitate a morning of games and food for over 40 kids ranging in age from three to eight years. Parents mingled with staff while watching the kids have fun under the supervision of some fantastic staff members who were very skilled and keeping their attention.

“It was so heart-warming to see the kids with big smiles on their faces. When it was time to leave, some of them even asked us to come back again, it was so much fun,” said Tanakorn Anakvatcharakul, Senior Graphic Designer, who played a key role in entertaining the children.

Bon Kai is a 4.5 acre site owned by the Crown Property Bureau that has been inhabited by squatters since 1973.

“There are many impoverished areas in Bangkok however we chose Bon Kai because it was the only one we contacted that wanted support for their childrens’ development instead of just food and games” said Napasorn Palawasu, Events and Project Coordinator.

In addition to providing toys to help their developing brains and food to eat, QNET also assembled during the morning and presented a set of cabinets to the kindergarten for use on the premises.

The visit to Bon Kai was part of QNET’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme which sees QNET staff from all over the world getting involved in important social and environmental causes in their communities.