bloggerThis week, three of our Bloggers pay homage to their leaders in the QNET business, one writes about the importance of identifying our dreams and another writes about The Flash Universe. Read on!

Ranvir pays a lavish tribute to his Upline and mentor, Col Narasimha Mudakatte (Retd). He writes, “I know that he is one who would like to stay away from the arc lights and be a silent worker, working relentlessly for the welfare, benefit, success, prosperity and happiness of the people around him.” Read his post entitled My Salute… To My Upline.

Shoumik De attributes his wonderful QNET journey to her Upline and co-blogger, Juhi Rai Farmania. He describes her mentorship with this statement – “If I could do 50% of what she does, I’ll be successful.” In his post entitled My Mentor, my guide, my friend in QNET and in Life, he also thanked his teammates in the business who have become his new family.

Ange Zobo opened his stirring tribute to his leader with this powerful introductory statement – “Voici un Homme qui ,à jamais restera marqué dans la mémoire collective et l’histoire de la jeunesse ivoirienne en général et dans la mienne en particulier. Un homme de vision,un leader né.” His post is simply entitled AVP FOFANA Amaral, Mon Mentor. You may use Google Translate to read his post.

Yves Olivier’s new post stresses the importance of identifying and defining one’s dream the process of which he likens to the process of manufacturing gold. Read his post entitled Put Your Dream to the Fire Test.

Rohit Chourasia submitted a very interesting post where he conjures up a “parallel universe where we educate ourselves of whatever we like after the essential schooling. We enjoy our lives till we are adults & then we work like a maniac on an amazing business model for 4-5 years to achieve Financial Freedom & Time Freedom.” Enjoy his post entitled The Flash Universe.

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