Added QNET branding for Moscow City Racing
Added QNET branding for Moscow City Racing

Aren’t we all bored of the three week summer break that the Formula 1 Championship imposes on us?

We know just how to make sure you still get your weekend fix of Marussia and QNET on the track! Yes you guessed right, Moscow City Racing is happening again and QNET is right in the middle of it.

Taking place on the 20th and 21st of July, Marussia’s very own Max Chilton will be racing past the Kremlin with the MR02 and additional QNET branding that we placed specially for our Russian QNET and Marussia fans.

Supporting Marussia F1 from QNET will be European Regional Director Joachim Steffen.

Moscow City Racing is now in its the sixth year and has captured the interest of a growing Russian motorsport fanbase. 2014 will see Russia’s inaugural Grand Prix and Marussia, among other teams, will be making the fans hungry for more with the exhilarating experience of seeing a Formula 1 car in a demonstration run in front of the city’s major landmarks.