This handy FAQ provides answers to common questions about the InShape Toning Belt from QNET. While most slimming belts on the market use only vibration to improve circulation and toning, the InShape Toning Belt integrates Electrical Muscular Stimulation, Far Infrared Radiation and Vibrating Massage.

1. What does the indicator light on the power adapter mean?

ready2chargeREADY TO CHARGE – When the battery is first connected to the adapter, unless the battery is completely empty, the indicator will show GREEN. This does not mean the battery is full, proceed to charge as per normal.
  chargingCHARGING – Once the adapter is connected to a power source and the battery is charging the indicator light will turn RED.
 fully-chargedFULLY CHARGED – When the battery has finished charging the indicator light will change from RED to GREEN.

2. The battery is fully charged but after switching the belt on, the vibrate mode is not functioning.

Switch the device off, remove the battery, re-insert the battery and try again.

3. I can feel the vibration but not the Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS).

Make sure the belt is fastened securely to the surface of your skin.

4. How does the EMS function work on my muscles?

The concept of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is an advanced technology that uses a very mild electrical current to stimulate and exercise your muscles. During exercise, the brain sends messages through the nervous system down the spinal chord, innervating the muscles causing them to contract. With EMS, an outside electrical source stimulates the nerves to send these same signals to your muscle to make them contract. This is achieved by passing electrical currents through electrode pads placed over your abdominal muscles. The current passes through the skin to the nerves in the contact area, stimulating the connecting muscles to contract.

5.  My skin is red after using the belt after one session. Is this a problem I should worry about?

Some redness of the skin is normal after using the InShape Toning Belt. This is partly due to increased blood flow under the skin and should fade soon after each session. This is a common occurrence, resembling redness created by pressure marks from tight clothing. If you find that the redness is excessive and prominent, the intensity setting may be too high. Try using the device at a lower intensity for a few days. If the problem persists, discontinue use.

Note: Users with sensitive skin may experience an increase in redness around contact areas.

6. Is Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) safe?

When the Belt is used as directed, EMS is safe for any individual capable of undertaking normal exercise. The feeling should be a pleasant tingling sensation, not a shock or jolt. However, first time users may initially feel that the sensation is strange or uncomfortable, especially when they first turn on the device. We recommend beginning each session at the  lowest intensity of EMS (Mode 1, intensity 1 to 3) and gradually increasing the mode and intensity level from there.

7. How long can I use the belt per session?

For your safety, we recommend not using the belt for longer than 15 minutes at a time however you may use it more than once per day. We recommend not using the belt for longer the 45 minutes per day in total.

8. When will I see the effects of the InShape Toning Belt?

While the effects of the belt vary from person to person, you can expect to notice the effect of the belt after approximately  6 to 8 weeks of correct and regular use in combination with the InShape Toning Gel.

9. I have been using my InShape Toning Belt for a few weeks now. Why am I not getting the same results as my friend who has also been using it?

Again, the effects of the InShape Toning Belt will vary from one person to another. It depends on your body and on how it accepts the effect of the belt.

10. Can I jump straight to Mode 4 (advanced mode) to immediately get better results?

You can, but again, it depends on how your body responds. We recommend going through each mode in succession.

11. Can I use the InShape Toning Belt on parts of my body other than the abdominal area?

You can use the InShape Toning Belt on any other part of your body around which you can wrap it.

12.   I can feel the heat on my abdomen but not on the sides.

The Far Infrared Radiation feature of InShape Toning Belt is designed to be limited to the abdominal area.

13.   Can I use my InShape Toning Belt with regular physical exercise?

We do not recommend using the Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) feature of the Belt at the same time as doing physical exercise. However, you should use EMS and do regular exercise separately to achieve the best results. Far Infrared Radiation and Vibrating Massage can be used during light exercise.

Learn more about the InShape Toning Belt and other InShape products here. You may also contact our QNET Global Support Centre if you have further questions.